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We make most of our cakes and savouries

here in the Coffee Shop!

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All our produce is fresh and locally sourced!


served until 3.30pm/Sundays 3pm

- Toasted Pugliese Bread With Butter £2.95

... add your choice of jam (strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, marmalade or honey) for £1 V

vegan and gluten free options available 

- Eggs on Toast £6.95 V

Kentish free-range eggs your way; fried, scrambled or poached on Pugliese bread

... add thick cut smoked back bacon for £2.50

... add smoked salmon for £2.50

... add spinach for £1.50

... add beans for £1.50

gluten free options available

- Beans on Toast £5.50 V

Baked beans served on Pugliese bread 

... add mature cheddar for £2 V

... add thick cut smoked back bacon for £2.50

vegan and gluten free options available

- Smashed Avocado on Toast £6.50 V

With plum tomatoes in toasted Pugliese bread

... add thick cut smoked back bacon for £2.50

... add smoked salmon for £2.50

... add fried, scrambled or poached egg for £1 V

... add grilled halloumi for £2 V

vegan and gluten free options available

Kids' Bits!

crustless cheese, ham or cheese and ham sandwiches with a small handful of crisps,

cucumber and carrot sticks £4.50

Toast it up for 75p!

- Cheeky Breakfast Bap £6.95

A Floured bap filled with 2 rashers of thick cut smoked back bacon and a fried egg... a favourite!

... add homemade sausage patty for £2

Homemade Soup!

served with Pugliese bread 



served until 3.30pm/Sundays 3pm

Good old-fashioned Homemade Sarnies

served with a handful of Kent crisps, a mixed salad and creamy homemade coleslaw

Toast it Up!

served with a handful of Kent crisps, mixed salad and creamy homemade coleslaw

- Ploughman's Sandwich - hand carved butcher's ham, grated mature cheddar, salad and Branston pickle


- Veggie Club - creamy humus, sliced avocado,

grated carrot and sliced plumb tomatoes £7.95 V

vegan options available

- Tuna Sandwich - creamy homemade tuna mayo with sliced cucumber £7.50

- Prawn Sandwich - fresh coldwater prawns in homemade Marie Rose sauce £7.95

- BLT - thick cut smoked back bacon, lettuce and tomato, the ultimate combo! £7.95

- Grilled Cheese & Onion Toastie - melted mature cheddar with local onion £6.95 V

vegan options  available 

- BBC Toastie - a must have! Gooey brie, thick cut smoked back bacon and tasty cranberry jam £8.50

- Grilled Cheese & Tomato Toastie - melted mature cheddar and fresh plumb tomatoes £6.95 V

vegan options available

- Grilled Cheese and Ham Toastie - melted mature cheddar and hand carved butcher's ham £7.95

- Tuna Melt Toastie - creamy homemade tuna mayo topped with melted mature cheddar £7.95

all sandwiches have gluten free options available 

upgrade to Pugliese bread for £1.50

all toasties have gluten free options available

upgrade to a panini or Pugliese for £1.50

All our food is freshly prepared and made to order so there may be a wait during busy periods.

If you have a food allergy or special dietary requirement, please inform a member of staff.

V - vegetarian      VE - vegan


Seasonal Drinks also

available - check out 

our specials board!


The Frameworks Coldblow Coffee blend , origin of Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia  

Espresso - shot of dark espresso £2.10

Macchiato - shot of dark espresso topped with a 

dash of milk foam £2.20

Americano - an espresso coffee topped with hot 

water £2.50

Cappuccino - an espresso coffee topped with 

frothed milk £2.60

Latte - an espresso coffee topped with steamed 

frothed milk £2.60

Flat White - double shot espresso topped with 

steamed milk £2.80

Mocha - a latte with a shot of chocolate £3.20

Chai Latte - spiced chai syrup topped with steamed milk £2.80

Iced Coffee - double shot espresso on ice, topped

with milk an whipped cream £3.40

- add an extra espresso shot for 80p

- add a syrup of your choice (caramel, hazelnut,

vanilla, cinnamon or spices chai) for 80p

- alternative milks available (oat, almond, coconut

or soya) for 50p


Pluckley Tea - a strong blend of Assam and Kenya Tea £2.20

Earl Grey Tea - a blend from Keemun, Assam and Dajeeling with oil of Bergamot £2.40

Camomile Tea - Italian flowers make a soothing and relaxing tea, caffeine free £2.40 

Green Tea - soft and mild earthly tones with a refreshing flavour £2.40

Lemon Black Tea - indulgently sweet infusion

with zesty flavours £2.40

Peppermint Tea - flavoured green tea with a

lively palate £2.40

Chai Tea - cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and ginseng £2.40

Rooibos Tea - South African tea with a rich and ruby appearance, caffeine free £2.40

Red Berry Tea - wonderful combination of midsummer fruits and berries, caffeine free £2.60

Lemon and Ginger Tea - an enticing citrusy 

flavour with zesty characteristics £2.60

VERY BERRY SMOOTHIE - fresh smoothie made from apple juice, cherries, bananas, strawberries, redcurrants and blueberries £4.60


Hot Chocolate - delicious Cadbury's milky hot 

chocolate £2.80

Hot Chocolate with The Works - delicious 

Cadbury's hot chocolate topped with 

whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate flake £3.80


Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Biscoff, Oreo or Mint Aero - made with 3 scoops of Cornish Ice Cream with an extra scoop in the glass, topped with whipped cream, sauce and sprinkles £5.50

vegan and smaller options available


Coke - £2.50

Diet Coke - £2.40

Fanta - £2.40

Appletiser - £2.60

San Pellegrino Lemon - £2.40

Fentimans Ginger Beer - £3.00

Fentimans Sparkling Rose Lemonade - £3.00

Biddenden Kentish Apple Juice - £3.00

Biddenden Kentish Pear Juice - £3.00

Forbishers Orange Juice - £3.20

Forbishers Cranberry Juice - £3.20

Forbishers Pinapple Juice - £3.20

Forbishers Mango Juice - £3.20

Kingsdown Still Water - £2.20

Kingsdown  Sparkling Water - £2.20

Red Fruit Shoot - £2.20

Purple Fruit Shoot - £2.20

Orange Fruit Shoot - £2.20


Night Bird Cider - a fragrant and refreshing sparkling cider from nightingale cider (4.9%) £4.25

Discovery Cider - a medium fruity cider with a delicate rosé blush from nightingale cider (6.0%) £4.25

Romney Amber Ale - tropical fruit flavours from American hops with a hint of caramel (4.2%) £4.20

Romney Best Bitter - all English best bitter, a blend of biscuit, nutty and chocolate malt flavours (4.0%) £4.20

Romney Bohemian Larger - a modern larger with a distinct hop aroma and a crisp finish (4.3%) £3.80

Mini Bottle of Prosecco - fruity and aromatic, made from Glera grapes in Italy (11%) £6.50

We source our produce from local

Coldblow Coffee – their independent roastery is based right here in Woodchurch!

Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Co. – an independent family run business based in Pluckley, Kent

Marchants of Bethersden – a traditional butchers based in

Bethersden, Kent

Woodlands Farm Eggs – a supplier and producer of Free-Range eggs in Canterbury, Kent

Maws Fine Foods – a family-owned wholesale supplier, based in Hawkhurst, Kent

David Catt & Sons – an independent supplier of fresh produce based in Maidstone, Kent

The Sussex Kitchen – an independent craft bakery based in


Nightingale Cider Co. – a family-run juice and cider makers based in Appledore, Kent

Romney Marsh Brewery – a family-run brewery based in Romney Marsh, Kent

Biddenden Vineyards – a family estate producing wines, ciders and juices based in Biddenden, Kent

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